Alfred Brendel Plays Beethoven


[R3 BD=19811010]

Sonata in E flat, Op 27 No 1

Sonata in c sharp minor Op 27 No 2 (Moonlight)

(Austrian Radio recording of part of a Vienna

Festival Concert given on 17 June)

[R3 BD=19820603]

6 Variations on an original air in r, Op 34 15 Variations and Fugue in E flat on a theme from Prometheus, Op 35

BBC Birmingham

[R3 BD=19930815]

Piano Sonatas: in A flat, Op 26; in E flat, Op 27 No 1; in C sharp minor, Op 27 No 2 (Moonlight)

4.25 Interval Reading

4.30 Piano Sonatas: in F, Op 54, in C, Op 53 (Waldstein)