Alhambra Of The Air


[LP BD=19481006]
[LP BD=19481227]

Jack Watson

Ted Ray , Bill Kerr

Charlie Chester and Arthur Haynes (

Elisabeth Welch

Robert Easton , Charles Smart

Celia Johnson and Ronald Squire

The George Mitchell Choir ,

BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins

Master of Ceremonies,

Peter Fettes

Produced by Michael North

[LP BD=19481227]

Unknown: Jack Watson

Unknown: Ted Ray

Unknown: Bill Kerr

Unknown: Charlie Chester

Unknown: Arthur Haynes

Unknown: Elisabeth Welch

Unknown: Robert Easton

Unknown: Charles Smart

Unknown: Celia Johnson

Unknown: Ronald Squire

Conductor: Rae Jenkins

Unknown: Peter Fettes

Produced By: Michael North

[LP BD=19490711]
[LP BD=19490719]

Harry Secombe

Adelaide Hall (with Don Lorusso )

Michael Howard

David Buchan

Maudie Edwards

The Radio Revellers

Maurice Keary

The George Mitchell Choir

Cicely Courtneidge

(with Thorley Walters )

BBC Revue Orchestra

Conductor, Frank Cantell

Master of Ceremonies: Flotsam (B. C. Hilliam )

Produced by Tom Ronald and John Simmonds

[LP BD=19490719]

Unknown: Don Lorusso

Unknown: Michael Howard

Unknown: David Buchan

Unknown: Maudie Edwards

Unknown: Maurice Keary

Unknown: George Mitchell Choir

Unknown: Cicely Courtneidge

Unknown: Thorley Walters

Conductor: Frank Cantell

Unknown: C. Hilliam

Produced By: Tom Ronald

Produced By: John Simmonds

[LP BD=19491004]

(Ben Lyon broadcasts by permission of Twentieth Century-Fox Films, Ltd., Margaret Lockwood , by permission of the J. Arthur Rank Organisation, Ltd.; Ethel Revnell is appearing at the Prince's Theatre, London)

[LP BD=19491004]

Unknown: Ben Lyon

Unknown: Margaret Lockwood

Unknown: Ethel Revnell