Alice In Paris

By Elizabeth Lewis.

Alice is frightened of the reality of marriage to a Welsh asparagus farmer, and so runs away from her wedding to Paris - still wearing her white dress and veil.

She books herself into Hotel la Louisiane, once the haunt of Simone De Beauvoir.

At first, Paris is exactly what she imagined it would be - romantic, artistic, bohemian.

But the dream men are all a bit tarnished.

Will Alice come back down to earth or will she float off in her fantasy, like a Chagall painting?

Alice Arden....Caroline Harker

Simone De Beauvoir....Ana-Luisa De Cavilla

Ieuan, the asparagus farmer....Iestyn Jones

The Ubiquitous Frenchman....Richard Elfyn

Stallholder....Iwan Tudor

Genevieve....Sheila Ballantine

Agnes....Alex Alderton

Mireille....Phyllida Nash

Director Kate McAll.