Alice's Adventuresin Wonderland


[R4 BD=19731225]

by LEWIS CARROLL : with music composed by STEPHEN HANCOCK Catherine Crutchley as Alice

Alice a childish story take. And with a gentle hand

Lay it where Childhood's dreams are hvined

In Memory's mystic band


(Ian Richardson is a member of the RSC)

' Through the Looking-Glass ': tonight at 9.15, BBC2.

[R4 BD=19731225]

Unknown: Lewis Carroll

Composed By: Stephen Hancock

Composed By: Catherine Crutchley

Producer: Anthony Cornish

Producer: Ian Richardson

The White Rabbit: Ian Richardson

The Caterpillar: Frank Thornton

The King of Hearts: Cyril Luckham

The Mock Turtle: Charles West

Mouse: John Baddeley

Fish Footman: John Baddeley

Frog Footman: Simon Carter

Cheshire Cat: Ian Richardson

Pigeon: Rosemary Martin

Cook: George Woolley

DucheSS: Penelope Shaw

Bill: Martin Friend

Pat: Frank Thornton

Mad Hatter: John Baddeley

Dormouse: Frank Thornton

March Hare: Martin Friend

Queen of Hearts: Rosemary Martin

Alice's Sister: Jill Lidstone

Lewis Carroll: Charles West