Alice Walker - The Color Purple


0120090504 (BBC7)
Born into poverty and segregation - the struggle of uneducated black girl Celie in America's Deep South. Stars Nadine Marshall.
0220090505 (BBC7)
Celie is at the mercy of her cruel husband 'Mister'. His son Harpo weds feisty Sofia. Stars Nadine Marshall and Eamonn Walker.
0320090506 (BBC7)
Celie becomes enraptured with Mister's lover - the glamorous singer Shug Avery. Stars Nadine Marshall and Nina Sosanya.
0420090507 (BBC7)
Sofia is beaten by the police and thrown in jail after hitting the Major. Stars Nadine Marshall and Petra Letang.
0520090508 (BBC7)
Shug and Celie discover that Mister has secretly hidden Nettie's letters to Celie. Stars Nadine Marshall and Nina Sosanya.
0620090511 (BBC7)
Nettie, Celie's sister, is in Africa - and Celie discovers the truth about the man she knows as Pa. Stars Nadine Marshall.
0720090512 (BBC7)
Angry Mister discovers Celie is set to go live with Shug in Memphis. Stars NADINE MARSHALL and Nikki Amuka-Bird.
0820090513 (BBC7)
Celie's stepfather dies and she inherits more than she ever dreamed. But her happiness is short-lived. Stars NADINE MARSHALL.
0920090514 (BBC7)
Celie has returned home - and she and Mister have become friends. Stars NADINE MARSHALL and Eamonn Walker.
10 LAST20090515 (BBC7)
Shug is back! - and surprise visitors arrive for Celie. Stars NADINE MARSHALL and Nikki Amuka-Bird.