Alistair Cooke's Transatlantic Call - 01.[Number Removed]


19870621This weekend marks the 2,000th Letter from America and today is your chance to phone in and talk to Alistair Cooke on the line from New York.

Born in Manchester, educated at Blackpool Grammar School and Cambridge, he first visited

America in the 1930s and has lived there for over 40 years. As the New York Times once wrote, Alistair Cooke loves America 'as a shrewd child loves a stepfather'. His greatest passions are American politics, jazz and golf. Charles Wheeler is in the Chair as listeners from home and abroad put their questions to Alistair Cooke.

Producers MARGARET HILL for Radio 4 and NEIL CURRY for the BBC World Service. Editor ALASTAIR OSBORNE (A simultaneous broadcast with BBC World Service)

Lines open from 10.0am

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