All Free Now [Kingsley Amis]


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Sir Roy Vandervane's pursuit of stimulation wreaks havoc.

"As you get older, you'll find that absolutely straight-down-the-middle sex doesn't strike you in quite the way it did."

Sir Roy's pursuit of something more stimulating wreaks havoc in his own and everyone else's life in this comic observation of the late 1960s. Written by Tony Bilbow based on Kingsley Amis's novel ‘Girl 20'.

Starring Robert Stephens as Sir Roy Vandervane, Christopher Timothy as Douglas Yandell, Eva Stuart as Lady Kitty, Geoffrey Whitehead as Meers, Kim Thomson as Penny, Anna Mazzotti as Sylvia and Okon Jones as Gilbert.

Producer: Matthew Walters

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1989.

By Tony Bilbow, based on Amis's novel Girl 20. Stars Robert Stephens.