Genome: [hs Bd=19650920]

Written and adapted for radio by Donald Howarth with and The Rev. Jacob Bowers pianist, Viola Tunnard

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN

Sebastian Shaw broadcasts by permission of the English Stage Company; Eileen Atkins is in The Killing of Sister George' at the Duke of York's Theatre, London

Genome: [hs Bd=19650920]

Unknown: Donald Howarth

Pianist: Rev. Jacob Bowers

Pianist: Viola Tunnard

Produced By: John Tydeman

Produced By: Sebastian Shaw

Unknown: Eileen Atkins

Cicely Bowers: Marian Spencer

her husband,: Sebastian Shaw

Their children: Anna: Eileen Atkins

Maurice: Gary Watson

Clifford: Gabriel Woolf

Uncle Frank: John Dearth

Elizabeth Mathews: Kathleen Helme