All In A Garden Green


Genome: [r3 Bd=19920914]Musicians of Swanne Alley Anon

Some Years of Late in 88; Wilson's Wilde; Truth's Integrity; Newcastle Morley

Sleep slumb'ring eyes Thyrsis and Milla Dowland

The King of Denmark, His Galliard; My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe; Tarlton's Willy Johnson

Wliere the bee sucks

Alison Goe from my window; Mr Alison 's

Almaine Anon

Larosignall; The Country Lass; All in a Garden Green; Grimstock

Genome: [r3 Bd=19920914] Unknown: Willy Johnson

Unknown: Alison Goe

Unknown: Mr Alison

Unknown: Almaine Anon

Genome: [r3 Bd=19940716]Musicians of Swanne Alley perform a selection of music from Elizabethan England.
Genome: [r3 Bd=19980910]Madrigals by Thomas Campion and ayres by John Jenkins.

Emma Kirkby (soprano), Consort of Musicke, director Anthony Rooley

Genome: [r3 Bd=19980910] Unknown: Thomas Campion

Unknown: John Jenkins.

Soprano: Emma Kirkby

Director: Anthony Rooley