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How much is known about consciousness? What happens to the mind under hypnosis? What power, if anv. is at work when a dowser senses water, or a young man has ' out of the body ' experiences, or a concert pianist claims to be in touch with the mind of Beethoven?

Leslie Smith talks about personal experiences of different states of mind with JOHN LILL , DAVID ROBERTS , ATHENE WILLIAMS, ROBERT LEFTWICH and PETER FAIRLEY and discusses some of the implications of these experiences With PROFESSOR GILES BRINDLEY (neurophysiologist), DR PETER FENWICK (psychiatrist), PROFESSOR JOHN COHEN (psychologist), and CARL SARGENT (postgraduate researcher into the paranormal at the University of Cambridge). Other contributors: ADRIAN PARKER , GEORGE ROBERTS and a medical hypnotist. Producer BARBARA CROWTHER

Genome: [r4 Bd=19770629]

Talks: Leslie Smith

Unknown: John Lill

Unknown: David Roberts

Unknown: Robert Leftwich

Unknown: Peter Fairley

Unknown: Professor Giles Brindley

Unknown: Dr Peter Fenwick

Unknown: Professor John Cohen

Unknown: Carl Sargent

Unknown: Adrian Parker

Unknown: George Roberts

Producer: Barbara Crowther