All Of The Violence In The World [Drama On 3]



Jonathan Holloway's challenging new play for radio focuses on the child soldiers used as cannon fodder in ideological wars over the centuries. Three teenagers fall into the clutches of the mysterious and chameleon-like Teacher as the story cuts between the People's Crusade of 1096, the days of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany and the streets of south-west London in 2007.

Hilda/Ilda/Hibat Allah ..... Ayesha Antoine
Mikkel/Michel/Mykal ..... Jerome Holder
Andreas/Andre/Amir ..... Daniel Ezra
The Teacher ..... Nicholas Woodeson
The Proselyte ..... Charlie Clements

Sound design by Caleb Knightley
Directed by Toby Swift.

Three wars. Three causes. Three teenagers with nothing to lose but their lives.

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