All Routes [Drama]


DRAMA20210421A two-part crime thriller inspired by everyday heroism of key workers during Covid.

Marilyn, a London bus controller on her first shift in the control centre, struggles to manage a dangerously escalating situation as her husband Steve is kidnapped and held hostage by armed robbers demanding Marilyn clears them an escape route across London.

Newly qualified, she is responsible for bus routes and services - announcing diversions, traffic problems or delays to drivers, reassuring, ordering, planning and implementing changes.

Over two shifts, Marilyn talks to drivers, fielding calls and messages as her work and personal lives become dangerously entwined. Her husband Steve, a security guard, is coerced into enabling a robbery. Meanwhile Marilyn is managing a protest which turns violent on Waterloo Bridge, and must face her own demons to rescue old friend Frankie, and her passengers, trapped by the demonstration.

When the robbers' getaway is blocked by the protest, they demand Marilyn's help re-routing buses to block the roads and enable their escape. Only then will Steve be released alive.


Marilyn…Chizzy Akudolu

Vincent…Lloyd Hutchinson

Frankie…Michelle Greenidge

Steve……Nicholas Gleaves

Nell………Tia Bannon

Other roles played by:

Nick Armfield, Ginny Holder, Alice Hoskyns, Sean Kearney and Finlay Paul

Written by Nicola Baldwin

Directed by Celia de Wolff

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4

A bus controller keeps London moving, in a race against criminals threatening her family.