All Shook Up

Elvis Lives! In North Yorkshire, and a middle-aged woman's sightings of the King have turned her into a local celebrity and put Ryedale right on the Elvis map of fame.


Programme Catalogue - Details: A City Called Glory19960224First broadcast on 1994-03-05

Producer: A. JORDAN

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Radio 4's rock 'n' roll season continues with Neil MCKAY's play. It is a portrait and celebration of the extraordinary life of Sam Cooke, one of the most enigmatic figures in pop.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

05 Mar 1994 22:30-23:59 (RADIO 4)

24 Feb 1996 22:30-23:59 (RADIO 4)


Rachel Atkins (Actor)

Danny John-Jules (Actor)

Peter Whitman (Actor)

Gareth Armstrong (Actor)

Colin Mcfarlane (Actor)

Vivienne Rochester (Actor)

John Guerrasio (Actor)

Tony Armatrading (Actor)

Sharon Clarke (Actor)

Lennie James (Actor)

David Clarke (Actor)

Bradley Lavelle (Actor)

Al Matthews (Actor)

Dig Wayne (Actor)

Christine St John (Actor)

Neil Mckay (Author)

Andy Jordan (Producer)

Recorded on 1993-12-14.

  • additional cast - Deborah Mcandrew and Fine Time Fontayne

    produced by viv beeby

  • by - Ian Mcmillan