All Shook Up - Take The Night


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940312]Radio 4's rock 'n' roll season continues with Neil McKay 's meditation on the life of RoyOrbison.

With his songs of loss, loneliness and rejection, Roy Orbison gave consolation to millions. But how did the singer himself survive the appalling luck and tragedy which marred his life? And at what cost?

With Gavin Muir. Peter Whitman and Cathy Sara. Director Andy Jordan

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940312] Unknown: Neil McKay

Unknown: Roy Orbison

Unknown: Gavin Muir.

Unknown: Peter Whitman

Unknown: Cathy Sara.

Director: Andy Jordan

Roy Orbison: Kerry Shale

Joe Ray Hammer: David Schofield

Claudette Orbison: Barbara Barnes

Wesley Orbison: Marcus D'Amico

Bobby Blackburn: David Jarvis

Sam Phillips: Stuart Milligan

Annette Bailey: Elaine Claxton

Barbara Orbison: Sally George