All Shook Up - The Sound Of Fury


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940226]Mike Walker 's play, inspired by events in the life of Billy Fury , is the first play in Radio 4's rock 'n' roll season presenting five true-life stories of musical pioneers.

Stricken with rheumatic fever as a child and not expected to live beyond the age of 20, Billy Fury went on to become Britain's answer to Elvis Presley.

With Richard Tate , Ken Sharrock , Tom Bevan , James Taylor and Rachel Atkins.

Songs performed by Gavin Stanley Director Andy Jordan

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940226] Unknown: Mike Walker

Unknown: Billy Fury

Unknown: Elvis Presley.

Unknown: Richard Tate

Unknown: Ken Sharrock

Unknown: Tom Bevan

Unknown: James Taylor

Unknown: Rachel Atkins.

Unknown: Gavin Stanley

Director: Andy Jordan

Billy Fury: Anton Lesser

Larry Parnes: Peter Whitman

Stuart Colman: Robert Glenister

Russell Harty: Rory Bremner

Dickie Pride: Andy Serkis

Marty Wilde: Ian Targett

Joe Brown: Alistair McGowan

Jack Good: Nicholas Boulton

Terry: Peter Watts

Donna: Siriol Jenkins

Hugh: Jeremy Clyde