All The Dark Corners, The Desk



All the Dark Corners: The Desk by Andrew Readman

The first in our chilling series of three plays. Davis Finch is a hack TV writer with aspirations to write a novel. In order to be a real writer he feels he needs a proper desk. The one he buys changes his life. He becomes a success - but at what price? A spooky psychological thriller.

Finch....Graeme Hawley

Harrison....Tim McInnerny

Rachel....Karen West

Morris....Greg Wood

Valerie....Melissa Jane Sinden

Shopkeeper....Russell Richardson

Producer/Director Gary Brown

Davis Finch covets a desk he has seen in an antique shop. He feels it will somehow magically help him write his novel. Make him complete. He gets sacked for his TV hack work and sets to write his novel at the new desk. Then he finds a secret drawer...

Radio drama by Andrew Readman. An aspiring novelist acquires a desk which changes his life