All The Lonely People


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' John Peel presents a Mailbag special on loneliness. Loneliness has been called the most private disease of the 20th century.

Everyone experiences it at some time, yet few are able or keen to talk about St. There is no foolproof cure, but perhaps the best we can do is to learn from the experiences of others.

The programme features the feelings and opinions of young people, and includestneviewsof Ian Dury , Carla Lane and Dr Tony Lake.

Written and researched by SIMON GARFIELD

Additional research by TESSA SHAW and JAN FERRER Producer SIMON MAJOR Radio 1 Mailbag. BBC, London W1A 4WW

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Genome: [r1 Bd=19821201]

Unknown: Ian Dury

Unknown: Carla Lane

Unknown: Dr Tony Lake.

Unknown: Jan Ferrer