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Barry Lynch in conversation with Lady Stansgate, the former Margaret Wedgwood-Benn. Though the wife of one Cabinet Minister and the mother of another, Tony Benn , she has led an independent life, becoming the first President of the Congregational Federation at the age of 75. She talks about her life and some of the people she has known, including Ramsay MacDonald Gandhi and Reinhold Niebuhr. (First broadcast on Radio Wales)


19810620Doubts. Dogma and Damnation

John Stuart Roberts. Marghanita Laski and the Evangelical preacher David Watson. talk to

Barry Lynch about their very different views of Christian faith.

20120513Award-winning religious affairs programme.

Award-winning religious affairs programme.

Roy Jenkins guest is one of America's most distinguished authors.

Marilynne Robinson was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Gilead, the first of a trilogy of books based around the family of an elderly Congregationalist minister in a fictional town in Iowa. Numerous honours have followed, among them the National Humanities Medal, awarded by President Barack Obama for her 'grace and intelligence in writing.' That was more than a formality on his part: her writings, he said, 'have fundamentally changed me...I think for the better' And before he left office, the president chose to interview her for the New York Review of Books.

Her non-fiction work includes regular collections of essays in which she explores issues of science and religion, politics and culture - all in the light of her personal commitment to a distinctively Calvinist understanding of Christian faith.

The British commentator Brian Appleyard is one of her many admirers: 'I'm not saying you're actually dead if you haven't read Marilynne Robinson,' he wrote, 'but I honestly couldn't say you're fully alive."."


06-05-20122012050620120510Award-winning religious affairs programme.
29-04-20122012042920120503Roy Jenkins discusses recent proposals for reform of the House of Lords with a distinguished panel of guests on the award-winning religious affairs programme.