All Through The Night


Genome: [hs Bd=19620804]

YVONNE ADAMSON visits New. castle upon Tyne to see what other people are doing while most of us are asleep Produced by ROGER BURGESS

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Genome: [hs Bd=19620804]

Unknown: Yvonne Adamson

Produced By: Roger Burgess

Genome: [hs Bd=19651223]

by Gerry Jones

A young coal-miner is torn between his duty to his colleagues and a situation that threatens to ruin his domestic life, and Produced by CEDRIC MESSINA tBroadcastonMarch20.1963

Genome: [hs Bd=19651223]

Unknown: Gerry Jones

Produced By: Cedric Messina

Davey: Anthony Hall

Mair: Patricia England

Mary: Catherine Dolan

Mrs Thomas: Mary O'Farrell

Williams: Rolf Lefebvre

Roberts: Donald McKilliop

Evans: Haydn Jones

Reporters: Michael Deacon

Reporters: David Valla

Gladys: Gudrun Ure

Ben: Peter Claughton

Jenkins: Timothy West

Davies: Antony Viccars

Price: Jonathan Scott

Lorfty: Andrew Irvine

Tommy: Michael Spice