Allan Mcclelland And Ernest Milton In ' Coningsby '


Genome: [hs Bd=19580427]by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted as a serial in nine episodes by Blair

2-' Coningsby Goes Afoot

Other parts played by Peter Claughton , John Ruddock

Patricia Matthews , Frederick Treves

Song sung by Gladys Whitred accompanied by Josephine Lee

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

The immensely rich but selfish Marquis of Monmouth, who had cast off his son for marrying beneath him, has decided to recognise at last his orphan grandson Harry Coningsby, a boy at Eton, where he has been placed and looked after by Lord Monmouth's political factotum, Rigby. Coningsby makes a good impression and is told that he may in future regard Monmouth House in London as his home; but owing to the political situation-with the Whigs remaining in power and Reform about to be passed-Lord Monmouth intends to remain abroad himself.

Genome: [hs Bd=19580518]by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted as a serial in nine episodes by Blair 5

—' Chagrins d'Amour

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

Rigby, Lord Monmouth's political factotum, has failed to buy for him the estate of Hellingsley, which Millbank, the Radical mill-owner, secures instead, and in consequence beats Rigby in the General Election.

Lord Monmouth now announces to

Rigby his forthcoming marriage-not with Princess Colonna but with her stepdaughter, Lucretia. Hoping to ruin Coningsby's prospects, Lucretia suppresses Lord Monmouth's invitation to him to attend their wedding; but when, on seeing it announced, Coningsby writes to congratulate him, Monmouth discovers the truth, through Flora Villebecque, whose stepfather, Villebecque, has now become his steward. He then invites Coningsby to visit them in Paris.