Allan Mcclelland And Ernest Milton In 'coningsby'


Genome: [hs Bd=19580601]

by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted as a serial in nine episodes by Blair

7—' Coningsby declares his independence'

Other parts played by Peter Claughton , Patricia Matthews and Hilda Schroder

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

From a chance meeting with Lady Wallinger and her husband in Cambridge, Coningsby learns that Sidonia is only an old family friend and would never marry Edith. This induces him to go to Coningsby Castle and meet the Millbank family again at nearby Hellingsley, where they are living. Oswald Millbank begs Coningsby to lead the ' New Generation ' of young Tories to achieve the political ideals they have at heart.

At Hellingsley Coningsby declares his love for Edith and is accepted. But Millbank rejects him, revealing that he had been a suitor for Coningsby's mother but that she had married his father instead, with the result that Lord Monmouth had ruined them both. He will not risk Edith being similarly treated. Oswald returns with Coningsby to Coningsby Castle to console him, and Rigby discovers Coningsby entertaining him there, a forbidden guest.

Genome: [hs Bd=19580601]

Unknown: Benjamin Disraeli

Played By: Peter Claughton

Played By: Patricia Matthews

Played By: Hilda Schroder

Produced By: Frederick Bradnum

Harry Coningsby: Allan McClelland

Lord Monmouth: Ernest Milton

Mr Rigby: Noel Johnson

Princess Lucretia: June Tobin

Flora Villebecque: Christine Finn

Lord Eskdale: William Fox

Edith Millbank: Susan Westerby

Henry Sydney: Hugh Dickson

Sir Charles Buckhurst: Frank Partington

Lady Wallinger: Lesley Deane

Villebecque: Eric Anderson