Allan Mcclelland And Ernest Milton In F Coningsby '


Genome: [hs Bd=19580504]by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted for broadcasting as a serial in nineepisodes by Blair 3— 'Company at Coningsby Castle

Other parts played by Peter Claughton , Hilda Schroder

Hugh Manning , David March

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

Coningsby, Lord Monmouth's orphan grandson, has travelled afoot on leaving Eton to stay with his friend, Lord Henry Sydney , son of the Duke of Clumber. He has met at an inn a mysterious stranger, Sidonia, a Spanish Jew by birth, who inspires him with the view that belief in the heroic makes men heroes.

Coningsby has visited Manchester and the model cotton-mill of the father of another friend, Oswald Millbank , whose life he had saved at Eton. The Millbank family receive him gratefully, especially Oswald's shy young sister, Edith. At their house he has been impressed by the picture of an unknown lady.