Allan Mcclelland And Ernest Milton With Irene Prador In ' Coningsby '


Genome: [hs Bd=19580511]by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted as a serial

In nine episodes by Blair

4 — ' More than One New Queen

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

A great company has assembled at Coningsby Castle, among them Lord Monmouth's particular friend Princess Colonna, her impoverished husband, and her ambitious step-daughter Lucretia. Princess Colonna would like her to encourage Coningsby, but Lucretia is more disposed to attract his mature friend Sidonia. A young actress protegee of Lord Monmouth's, Flora Villebecque, breaks down at her debut, and Coningsby earns her gratitude by his kindness. Prince Colonna is killed in a steeple-chase. but Lord Monmouth insists that Princess Colonna and Lucretia shall remain as his guests.