Allan Mcclelland In 'coningsby '


Genome: [hs Bd=19580615]

by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted as a serial in nine episodes by Blair

9-' The Member for Darlford ' Other parts played by Peter Claughton , John Ruddock and Frederick Treves

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

Lucretia has gained nothing by helping to ruin Coningsby, for Lord Monmouth, in possession of incriminating love letters, discards her too. Angry and ill, he takes secret refuge at Richmond, where Villebecque urges Coningsby to visit him. Monmouth is pleased with Coningsby's affection for him in spite of his disfavour, and Coningsby is about to be reinstated when Monmouth suddenly dies.

Coningsby and Edith discover their mutual mistakes about each other's matrimonial intentions and resolve to be true to each other. Rigby believes that he will find himself Lord Monmouth's principal legatee in place of Coningsbv, but, though Coningsby has not been reinstated, the heiress proves to be Flora, now revealed as Lord Monmouth's illegitimate daughter.

Genome: [hs Bd=19580615]

Unknown: Benjamin Disraeli

Played By: Peter Claughton

Played By: John Ruddock

Played By: Frederick Treves

Produced By: Frederick Bradnum

Harry Coningsby: Allan McClelland

Sidonia: Anthony Jacobs

Mr Rigby: Noel Johnson

Edith Millbank: Susan Westerby

Mr Millbank: Leslie Perrins

Oswald Millbank: David Spenser

Villebecque: Eric Anderson

Flora Villebecque: Christine Finn

Lord Eskdale: William Fox

Henry Sydney: Hugh Dickson

Sir Charles Buckhurst: Frank Partington

Lady Wallinger: Lesley Deane

Taper: Hugh Manning

Tadpole: David March