Allan Mcclelland With Leslie Perrins In ' Coningsby '


Genome: [hs Bd=19580525]by Benjamin Disraeli

Adapted as a serial in nine episodes by.Blair

6—' Coningsby's Mother

Produced by Frederick Bradnum

On his way to stay with his grand-father in Paris, Coningsby receives from his bankers a box of family papers and finds a miniature of his mother, which is the same face as in the picture at Millbank's house. In

Paris he meets Edith Millbank, now grown up, and falls in love with her.

It is rumoured that she is going to marry Sidonia-news which disgusts Lord Monmouth and alarms Coningsby and Lucretia, who, though now expecting to provide Lord Monmouth with an heir, is in love with Sidonia. She suffers an upset from her carriage and betrays her feelings for Sidonia in Lord Monmouth's presence. Coningsby, seeing Sidonia very intimate with Edith and her aunt, Lady Wallinger, decides in despair to return to Cambridge.