Quirky comedy on an allotment where people lose their worries amongst the birds and bees.

A comedy written by and starring Esther Coles (BBC2's "Nurse").

Esther takes refuge from a troubled world on her allotment where she finds serenity among the vegetables and loses herself in her bee keeping. While daughter Molly uses the shed as a makeshift study for her exams love-sick Robert has come to ask Esther to take him on a tour of her bee hive, but the spell is broken when Geoff wades in in a make-shift bee-keeping outfit in search of his stolen pumpkin.

Welcome to a quirky, warm world where troubles get lost in the long grass and small things can bring contentment.

Esther - Esther Coles

Robert - Mark Benton

Geoff - Paul Whitehouse

Molly - Patricia Allison

Sally - Arabella Weir

Grandma Maggs - Jane Horrocks

Produced by Gareth Edwards