Almost Always African


20050813 (BBC7)
20050814 (BBC7)
20070318 (BBC7)

Lenny Henry joins Bill Nighy in this comedy about cultural cross purposes and the music industry.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19911128]

"Music may go or come but almost always it is

African." Lenny Henry stars in this comedy about cultural cross-purposes and the music industry. When Moses Biama , a Gambian musician, is invited to London to record an album with Frank, a fading English rock star, things don't develop in the way Frank had planned.

Written by Anne Caulfield.

Music Dominique Le Gendre. Hit single by Neil Arthur and Joe Hagan.

Director Paul Schlesinger. Stereo 0 DRAMA: page 4


Unknown: Lenny Henry

Unknown: Moses Biama

Music: Dominique Le Gendre.

Unknown: Neil Arthur

Unknown: Joe Hagan.

Director: Paul Schlesinger.

Moses: Lenny Henry

Frank: Bill Nighy

Moses's brother: Curtis Walker

Binta: Joy Elias-Rilwan

Fatima: Donna Croll

Tara: Joanna Myers

Jack: James Greene

Journalist: Mark Straker