Almost Like Being In Love


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Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones and Moorside) stars in Catriona Knox's romantic comedy. What does love look like in a world of non-binary, gender-fluid, constantly hyphenated thinking?

Grace is equipped with all the emotional trappings of youth - confidence, confusion, crippling arrogance, crippling insecurity. She thinks of herself as sexually liberated - and she may be in theory, but she definitely isn't in practice. She's slept with three men, missionary-style. That's it.

Then she falls in love with Iggy (Rosie Cavaliero) - a charismatic, no-nonsense, forty-year-old LBGT matchmaker. And that's when life really starts to get bewildering.

As they attempt to embark on a relationship neither of them expected, both women navigate brave but very different new worlds. Iggy's new path is as alien to her as heterosexuality, while Grace has to work out if she really is fluid enough to grab the best thing that's ever happened to her with both hands.

A comic, coming of age story about love, sexuality, cats and Judy Garland.

As a writer/performer, Catriona Knox has had several successful character comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival. As an actress, she has appeared regularly on television shows such as BBC Two's Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe and Revolting, and Channel 4's Damned. She has also had two comedy series on Radio 4 as part of The Boom Jennies. She is a part of the BBC's New Talent Hotlist 2017 for Writing. This is her first play for radio and one of four commissions from top stand up writer/performers creating their first radio drama.

Written by Catriona Knox

Producer: Caroline Raphael

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Catriona Knox's coming-of-age comedy about love, gender-fluidity, cats and Judy Garland.

Catriona Knox's coming-of-age comedy about love, gender-fluidity, cats and Judy Garland."