Alone - Five Perspectives On Solitude


01Tori Murden1999052420000529Last year Tori Murden attempted to row solo across the Atlantic. It nearly cost her her life.
02Sister Anna1999052520000530"

Twenty years ago, Sister Anna left her religious community to live as a hermit on the remote coast of North Wales.

She reflects on how being alone has brought her closer to God and allowed her to come to terms with painful childhood memories of Nazi Austria.


03Geoff Smith1999052620000531Last year he attempted to set a new world record for being buried alive when he was incarcerated for five months in a box.
04Kathryn Thornton1999052720000601No woman has spent more time space walking than shuttle astronaut Kathy Thornton. You cannot get much closer to being utterly alone than floating free in space.
05 LASTJohn Schlapobersky1999052820000602In May 1968, South African student John Schlapobersky was called out of a lecture.

He never returned.

He was arrested, tortured and put in solitary confinement.