Americana [Reading]

A series of stories by some of the best contemporary US writers.


AR01After The War2005072520061227

In Alice Sebold's story, the town of Oxbow has been flooded, having been judged obsolete.

But three people continue to live on in the drowned houses.

Read by Ryan Mccluskey

AR02Breakup Stories20050726

Jonathan Franzen reads his tale of three New York couples.

AR03Draggin' The Dog2005072720061228

In Anika Nailah's story a high school principal battles with her staff and her cravings for junk food.

Read by Alibe Parsons

AR04Do You Know Where I Am?2005072820061229

By Sherman Alexie.

Two college sweethearts rescue a lost cat, an act that will have profound consequences for the rest of their lives together.

Read by Otter Ochampaugh

AR05 LASTNot The End Of All2005072920061230

By Nicole Krauss.

Two friends meet for lunch in Washington DC and discuss love, literature and loss.

Read by Laurel Lefkow