The Anarchy (omnibus)


20191117William Dalrymple's new book tells the story of how the East India Company transformed itself from a small trading company into a powerful colonial force that used its financial prowess and military might to subdue India. What emerges is a cautionary tale about global corporate power. In today's episode, humble beginnings lead to bold enterprise as circumstances conspire against India's emperors. The reader is Alistair McGowan

William Dalrymple is an acclaimed historian and has won numerous awards including, the Hemingway Prize, the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize, the Asia House Award for Asian Literature. He lives on a farm near Delhi.

Alistair McGowan is a multi-talented performer and writer. He is an impressionist, stand-up comic, and actor, a pianist and a writer of sketches, stage and radio plays.

Adapted by William Dalrymple
Produced by Elizabeth Allard.

William Dalrymple's history of the East India Company and how it came to subdue India.