Anarchy In The Kingdom


199C0119990703The ENGLISH Civil War was the most turbulent period in the country's history, a time when rebels, revolutionaries and royalists competed for control of a nation.

Thomas Fairfax was the most talented general on the Parliamentarian side, but did he really anticipate that his military triumphs would lead to the execution of his king? John Morrill presents the first in a three-part history.

199C0219990710John Morrill presents the second in a three-part history.

In this programme, he pieces together the story of the 17th-Century's most turbulent spirit - John Lilburne - who has provoked more contrasting adjectives than any other personality from the ENGLISH Civil War.

199C03 LAST19990717The man who held the city of Nottingham for Parliament during the ENGLISH Civil War had a remarkable tale to tell, but unusually it was his wife and not he himself who told it.

Lady Hutchinson's story is filled with romance, heroism and political intrigue.

John Morrill presents the last of three programmes.