Anatomy Of An Investigation [Radio Scotland]


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Edi Stark takes a closer look at the wrongful murder conviction of Raymond Gilmour.

Edi Stark examines the wrongful conviction for murder of Raymond Gilmour

Sixteen year old Pamela Hastie was murdered as she walked home through Rannoch Woods in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, on the 4 November, 1981.

A local teenager, a flasher, called Raymond Gilmour was brought in for questioning after he admitted being in the woods the day before Pamela was killed and exposing himself. He was remanded in custody on a charge of indecent exposure and questioned about the murder.

His official statement taken by police that day states that on the way back to his cell he broke down, telling officers: "I can't go on like this. I'll have to talk."

But Gilmour was released from custody after telling a detective superintendent the confession was forced out of him.

For months the investigation stalled, there were few leads. That was until Raymond Gilmour, on the way to court to face the charges of indecent exposure, apparently confessed to officers for the second time. He was found later guilty at the High Court in Glasgow and sentenced to life in prison.

Raymond Gilmour constantly maintained his innocence. He served his full sentence but, years later, his conviction was overturned so the murder is now unsolved.

Edi Stark meets Raymond Gilmour, detectives, psychologists and journalists to find out more about the case.