The Ancient Ark

Joanna Pinnock examines the importance of five different groups of animals and birds to the ancient cultures of Britain.


0101The Raven1999052719991018
0102The Wolf1999060319991019

The dual role of this enigmatic animal as protector and predator to our ancestors.

0103The Hare1999061019991020

In CHRISTIAN legend, its fertility was seen as a mark of lustfulness, but medieval bestiaries perceived its cowering nature as a sign of trust in Christ.

0104The Boar1999061719991021

An exploration of the symbolism of the wild boar in Britain, and the creature's eventual demise.

0105 LASTThe Swan And The Crane1999062419991022

To our forbears, swans and cranes bridged the gap between two worlds - water and air.

This programme explores the role of these two birds in the lives of our ancestors.

0201The Eagle2000081020001212
0202The Horse2000081720001219

Many horse myths reflect the timeless bond between horse and rider.

0203The Salmon2000082420001226
0204The Cat2000083120010102

Domestics cats have been part of our lives for centuries as pets, but in the Middle Ages, wild and feral cats had a price on their heads.

0205 LASTThe Deer2000090720010109

Associated with nature gods and the changing of seasons, the deer plays an important role in Celtic and Norse mythology.