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Simon Dove and Duncan Fraser present six programmes exploring the intimate relationship between dance and music.



With contributions from choreographers David Bintley, Anna Huber and Jerome Bel.

02The Class Struggle20010526

A look at what happens in the rehearsal rooms of the English National Ballet and the Adzido Pan-African Dance Ensemble.

03Let's Start At The Very Beginning20010602

This edition focuses on student composers and choreographers who are attempting to put music and dance together.

04Terpsichore To Techno20010609

Sir Roger Norrington and Professor Simon Frith explore dance in music from the minuet and trio to trance and techno.

05Making It20010616

5: `Making It'.

Jonathan Burrows, Shobana Jeysingh, Gillian Lynn and Graham Fitkin investigate the complexities of making dance and music work together.

06 LASTThe Show Must...20010623

new york city ballet conductor Andrea Quinn, Royal Ballet dancer Jonathan Cope and drummer and storyteller Peter Badejo discuss live music in dance performances.