And The Good News Is You're Jewish


2020031720200323 (R4)When Sunday times writer Katie Glass lost her father she began her own search for a Jewish identity and place in the world that is still unresolved. But what kind of Jewish soul is she and where does she belong? Is it culture or bloodline, food or politics? Does perpetually feeling like an outsider make her part of the club? In a deeply personal journey, Katie Glass wrestles with her own anxieties and unanswered questions that were triggered by her father's death. What does modern Jewish identity mean in 21st Century Britain. Taking in Friday Night, speaking to Jewish friends, meeting with rabbis of different denominations, taking a DNA test and shopping for Salt Beef, Katie asks what it means to be Jewish today and if that really changes her identity or anxiety!

Producer: Mark Burman

When journalist Katie Glass lost her father she began a search for her Jewish identity.