Andrew Miller - Pure


0120130204 (BBC7)Paris, 1785 - A young engineer from Normandy waits in the Palace of Versailles to meet with the minister. Read by John Sessions.
0220130205 (BBC7)For the first time in daylight, Baratte visits the church and the neighbourhood of Les Innocents. Read by John Sessions.
0320130206 (BBC7)Accompanied by Jeanne, the sexton's daughter, Baratte makes his first inspection of the cemetery. Read by John Sessions.
0420130207 (BBC7)Before heading to Valenciennes to recruit labour, Baratte spends an unusual late night with the organist. Read by John Sessions.
0520130208 (BBC7)In Valenciennes, Baratte meets Lecoeur, an ex-miner colleague, to recruit workers for the excavation. Read by John Sessions.
0620130211 (BBC7)The first spades cut the ground of the cemetery. But the miners' digging disturbs more than the earth. Read by John Sessions.
0720130212 (BBC7)Still recovering from the attack in his bedroom, Baratte starts to make some changes. Read by John Sessions.
0820130213 (BBC7)To the consternation of those around him, Baratte asks Heloise Godard to move in with him. Read by John Sessions.
0920130214 (BBC7)After the rape, Lecoeur hides at Les Innocents with a pistol. Baratte hunts for him, armed with a spade. Read by John Sessions.
10 LAST20130215 (BBC7)The miners have built a pyre for their dead comrade, and hold a vigil in the ruins of the church. Concluded by John Sessions.