Andrew O'neill Pharmacist Baffler


0120141216Comedian Andrew O'Neil is a transvestite or as he prefers to call himself, a pharmacist baffler, or correct toilet double-check instigator or patriarchal birthright rejecter. Andrew is also heterosexual, married and in a steam punk band. He confounds expectations and preconceptions.

In this two-part series of audience, stand-up shows using his own personal experience he examines sexual and gender identity, what they are and how we get them.

Andrew is one of the most interesting and articulate voices on the circuit. He came out as a transvestite when he was 19, and now cross-dresses about half the time (the British Union Of Transvestites requires you to cross-dress at least 3 days out of the 7). He wears make-up and jewellery and has long hair. He's usually dressed in black, has lots of tattoos, plays in a steam punk band and has always been heterosexual. He's married and only ever fancies women. This makes him and EDDIE IZZARD the only out cross-dressing comics in the country. This series would brings his (almost) unique perspective to ideas about gender and sexual identity, He looks at where you get your ideas about what your gender is, and what it should look like, how your sexuality is defined and how other people's sexuality continues to fascinate us and not necessarily in a good way.

In the first show he discusses gender identity from a transvestite's point of view and talks about his own experiences growing up. His humorous take on these difficult and thought provoking issues delights the audience whilst occasionally shocking them.

Written and performed by Andrew O Neill with on-stage help from STEPHEN CARLIN. Produced by ALISON VERNON-SMITH.

02 LAST20141223In the second of two stand-up shows, comedian Andrew O'Neill delves into sexual identity and homophobia.