Angela Carter - Vampirella


20160102 (BBC7)"

Could finding true love, free Count Dracula's daughter from her "dreadful wheel of destiny"?

A reimagining of the familiar vampire narrative - as Anna Massey stars as the last-in-line of the undead on the eve of the First World War.

Starring Anna Massey as the Countess Vampirella and Elizabeth Ba'athory, David March as Count Dracula, Sawney Beane as Henri Blot, Richard O'Callaghan as Hero and Betty Hardy as Mrs Beane.

Angela Carter later rewrote this radio play as a short story 'The Lady In The House Of Love'.

Also a writer of short stories, novels, stage plays, librettos, screenplays and essays, Angela Carter died in 1992 aged just 52.

Directed by Glyn Dearman.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in July 1976.


20160102 (BBC7)
20160103 (BBC7)
Could finding true love free Count Dracula's daughter from her destiny?