Angelic Hosts

Specially commissioned stories about angels for Christmas, inspired by artwork and song through the ages.


AR01And We Flew Into Bethlehem2004122020061227
20101220 (BBC7)

by Michael Morpurgo.

A young shepherd boy has an unexpected encounter with the angel Gabriel.

Read by Paul Copley and Robert Hastie.

A grandfather recalls his encounter with the Angel Gabriel.

Paul Copley and Robert Hastie read Michael Morpurgo's story.

AR02Kali Is Dancing For Me2004122120101221 (BBC7)

Was Joya's dream of a goddess really down to jet-lag?

  • by Tanika Gupta

    a hindu woman from england has a life-changing dream whilst visiting india.

    yasmin wilde reads Tanika Gupta's story

  • AR03Mrs Marvel's Angel2004122220061228

    by clare boylan.

    when a cleaning lady finds a valuable painting of an angel in her employer's attic, good things start to happen.

    read by Rosemary Leach

    AR04 LASTThe Green Angel2004122320061229
    20101222 (BBC7)

    by John Burnside.

    an abstract image of an angel triggers off a forgotten memory.

    with hindsight, could apparently random events be a sign of divine intervention?

    read by David Rintoul

    A painting stirs the memory of a life-changing incident for a former criminal.

    David Rintoul reads John Burnside's story.