Genome: [r4 Bd=19961014]

Comedy drama by David Renwick , creator of One Foot in the Grave. Four formerly daring comic heroes are reunited after 30 years. with Ben Gutteridge. Carolyn Backhouse and Peter Harlowe. Director Nigel Bryant # See This Week: page 8

9.15 New series Irish Icons A series of programmes exploring how certain people, places or things have assumed iconic status in Ireland.

1: The Titanic. The triumph and the tragedy of the Titanic is still keenly felt in Belfast, where the ship was built. Producer Owen McFadden

Genome: [r4 Bd=19961014]

Unknown: David Renwick

Unknown: Ben Gutteridge.

Unknown: Carolyn Backhouse

Unknown: Peter Harlowe.

Director: Nigel Bryant

Producer: Owen McFadden

Vernon: Peter Bowles

Iris: Annette Crosbie

Douglas: Bernard Cribbins

George: Enn Reitel

Felix: Bill Wallis

Alison: Helen Atkinsonwooo

Louise: Lucy Tregear

Raelbrook: Christopher Ryan

Josie: Sara Crowe

Viv: Kathryn Hunt

Jake: Brett Fancy