Anneka's 90s Treasures


20200508It was the decade of Britpop and Cool Britannia, Tinky Winky and Laa Laa. The 1990s saw the Spice Girls telling us what we really wanted and you knew when you'd been Tangoed; Gazza shed a tear or two, things could only get better for a keyboard player called BRIAN COX and an unknown author called Joanne Rowling. Wayne and Garth were not worthy, while Groundhog Day and Austin Powers were much imitated.

Future stars, like Claire Danes in My So Called Life, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in Dawson's Creek and Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox in Friends, made their names on the small screen.

Once again Anneka will be reminding us of cult and classic TV with the biggest TV and music hits of the period, with her memories of many of the stars involved.

The biggest music artists of the decade will feature, including All Saints, BRITNEY SPEARS, BRYAN ADAMS, REM, Toni Braxton, Everything But The Girl, Simply Red, Fugees and Robbie Williams.

Anneka will be awarding her own personal ‘Annies' to programmes, after canvassing opinions and memories.

Will Buffy The Vampire Slayer overpower Mulder and Scully or even Agent Cooper? Was WILL SMITH fresher than Frasier Crane? Was ER more gripping than The Sopranos? Who wore smarter suits – President Bartlet in The West Wing or Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City? Aha! Like VICTOR MELDREW you won't believe it if Hyacinth Bucket triumphs over Edina and Patsy or Jim and Barbara Royle. Men Behaving Badly will be throwing buns at the Dinnerladies and cups of tea at Mrs. Doyle and Father Ted.

Prime Suspect, Cracker, This Life, House Of Cards and Our Friends In The North, amongst many others, will remind you that much great television came out of the 90s.

Ab Fab, Friends, ER and ALAN PARTRIDGE should feature alongside Robbie, All Saints and REM