Another Life [Drama]


20171027'Two strangers collide in the bread aisle of the local supermarket. So too do their lives.

Two strangers bump into each other in the bread aisle of the local supermarket. It's a meeting that will mark both their lives in unexpected places and unexpected ways.

Both are currently following the map of their lives, Glenn makes marble kitchen tops and is married to Claire, surrounded by the monotonous demands of family life, and Suzanne is married to psychotherapist Guy who is definitely 'on the verge'.

An encounter with an attractive stranger releases butterflies in your belly. That attractive stranger is now talking to you and you just can't stop yourself from imagining what their life's like - how their life could revitalize yours and how your new life together would be the answer to all your questions.

It just so happens that this stranger's inventing a version of your life too.

Fast forward ten years and they are reminded of what could have been in 'Another Life'.

Starring Stephen Tompkinson and Natasha Little with Adrian Lukis and Beth Goddard.

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.'