Another Place [Drama]


20210318By Siân Owen

One mum's struggle to connect to her severely deaf baby son.

Lizzy finds out that Charlie might have a problem with his ears when he's three weeks old, after a routine neonatal screening. It could just be gunk. It could just be newborn gunk. That often happens. So they send him to get tested further. And it's at this test, when Charlie's six weeks old, wires stuck to his little head, that Lizzy sees the machine draw lines that make the audiologist stop smiling.

This is the story of a mum's quest to understand what being deaf means. Lizzy attempts to fill in the gaps for her son, not realising that he is already filling so many gaps for her - gaps she never even knew she had.

‘Another Place' is the second audio drama for Radio 4 by writer Siân Owen, whose own son was born with a major permanent hearing loss.

Lizzy…. Alexandria Riley

Joel…. Matthew Gravelle

Seren…. Carys Eleri

Natasha…. Eiry Thomas

Charlie…. Zachary Cox

Directed by Carl Prekopp

Produced by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

By Si\u00e2n Owen. One mum's struggle to connect to her severely deaf baby son.

20060512By Mark Davies.

Liverpool 2007 - Steve hasn't been back for years, but now he wants to come home. Ray never left, but now he needs a home. Can they both bury the past to ensure their futures?

Ray....Ian Hart

Steve....Colin Tierney

Bob....Dave Hill

Lisa....Emma Cunliffe

Marie....Annabelle Dowler

John....Gerard McDermott

Emma....Sophie Roberts

Darren....Nick Sayce

Original music by John Campbell and John Whitehead.

Director Sally Avens