Jenni Murray presents an anthology of prose celebrating the best of classic and contemporary literature.

Producers Ned Chaillet and Chris Paling Repeat

"Jenni Murray presents an anthology of prose to celebrate the best of classic and contemporary literature, from Shakespeare to A A Milne and Ben Okri to Jane Austen. The readings are performed by stars of stage, screen and radio, including Ronald Pickup, Hannah Gordon, Penelope Keith and Meera Syal."


AR01Family Connections20040119"

"Five new stories by contemporary writers.


Family Connections by Chrissie Gittins.

Read by Penelope Wilton.

Emily used to be a champion swimmer.

Now she's 92 and her gay neighbours want to take her back to the scene of her past triumphs, Forest Hill Pools."


AR02Pastor20040120'By Jenny Newman Pastor is a dark and magical tale set in 13th century FRANCE when the Cathars, branded heretics by the Roman Catholic church, were being tried in the courts of the Inquisition.

The reader is Hugh Dickson'

AR03At The Edge20040121"

"By Tamar Hodes Read by Sally Cookson Sonya is a repressed and timid woman, but an encounter on the sea-shore unexpectedly brings courage and freedom."


AR04Close, But Not Warm20040122"

"By Joan Osbaldeston A tale of thwarted love and revenge, acted out against a stromy landscape.

The reader is Alice Arnold."


AR05 LASTKissing The Train20040123"

"By Annette Kobak Read by Bonnie Hurren Walter longs for the beautiful train in the toyshop window.

His mother buys it for him but until he's learned to use a handkerchief, he's not allowed to play with it - apart from kissing it goodnight before he goes to bed."