Anthony Berkeley - The Poisoned Chocolate Case


20171007 (BBC7)"

"Can amateur sleuths solve a murder case that has stumped Scotland Yard?

A woman has died from eating poisoned chocolates intended for somebody else...

Can the amateur brains of Roger Sheringham's Crime Circle solve this intriguing crime that's stumped Scotland Yard over the past year?

Stars Neil Stacy as Roger Sheringham, Hilda Schroder as Mrs Fielder-Flamming, Conrad Phillips as Sir Charles Wildman, Victor Winding as Moresby, Michael Bilton as Chitterwick, Geoffrey Collins as Bradley, Jane Wenham as Alicia, William Eedle as Lockwood, Mark Straker as Bendix, Clive Panto as Sir Eustace, Eileen Tully as Mrs Bendix and Deborah Cranston Marguerite.

Director: Brian Miller

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1984."