Antony Gormley's Seminal Sculpture

Artist Antony Gormley explores key sculptures of the 20th century.


01Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill20090615

He discusses the Rock Drill, made by Jacob Epstein between 1913 and 1915, which he considers as the first work of Modernism in Britain and which he compares to Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel of the same year.

Artist Antony Gormley discusses Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill sculpture.

02Brancusi's Endless Column *20090616

He discusses Brancusi's Endless Column, a 100-foot column, commissioned as a war memorial and situated above the small town of Targu Giu in Romania.

He considers it to be the first Minimalist work.

03Giacometti's La Place *20090617

He discusses Alberto Giacometti's City Square - La Place - made in 1948, when the artist returned to Paris after the Second World War.

Gormley dismisses the idea that Giacometti portrayed loneliness and isolation, arguing that this small sculpture is the first work to model 'relational aesthetics', where space and time become the artist's subject.

Artist Antony Gormley explores Alberto Giacometti's sculpture La Place.

04Joseph Beuys' Plight *20090618

He focuses on Joseph Beuys' installation Plight.

Originally created in London in 1985, it marked the end of the industrial era in Europe and foreshadowed Beuys' own death the following year.

05 LASTRichard Serra's The Matter Of Time *20090619

He reflects on the industrial force and impact of American sculptor Richard Serra's steel work The Matter of Time, completed in 2005 for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Antony Gormley explores the impact of sculptor Richard Serra's work The Matter of Time.