Apple Jelly



Apple Jelly is a snapshot of austerity Britain in 2011/2012 based on interviews with people who have been affected by the cuts.

After starting a family, Sam transformed herself into a high achieving personal fitness trainer. When she is asked by a residential rehabilitation project for young mothers with drug and alcohol addictions to run a weekly fitness programme she agrees, little realizing that her personal journey has only just begun.

Sam's bittersweet true story blends verbatim with fictionalized dramatized scenes and is interwoven with interviews from a people who have been at the sharp end of the cuts.


Sam....Jo Mcinnes

Chrissie....Petra Letang

Janie....Catrin Stewart

Maisie.... Abigail Thaw

Rachel....Jessica Pidsley

Fran....Lisa Gardner

Pippa....Rachel Atkins

Mark....Adrian Middleton

Writer Adrian Middleton's first play for radio was 'London Pride'. He worked as an inclusive volunteering officer for Scope and was an advice and guidance volunteer for The UK Coalition.

Producer: Karen Rose

A Sweet Talk Production for BBC Radio 4.

A snapshot of austerity Britain, based on interviews with those affected by the cuts.