Arabian Afternoons, The Porter And The Three Ladies



The Porter and the Three Ladies

by Rachel Joyce

A wild, dark modern fairytale, set in Damascus. The second in a series of contemporary plays inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights.

It is time for Shahrazad to tell another tale to save her life. In this story within a story, we find out that if Joe doesn't find the exclusive to satisfy his ruthless editor, he will lose his job. He finds three beautiful women in Damascus but what is the truth behind their secret life?

Shahrazad....Sirine Saba

Shahrayar....Kevork Malikyan

Joe....Stephen Tompkinson

Margot....Joanna Monro

Mira....Indira Varma

Affyah....Jasmine Jones

Juliba....Melissa Advani

Directed by Tracey Neale.

By Rachel Joyce. Journalist Joe discovers three beautiful women with a terrible secret.