Arabian Afternoons


AD01The Casper Logue Affair20100329 (BBC7)
20150811 (BBC7)

The Casper Logue Affair

by Sebastian Baczkiewicz

An absurd black comedy thriller, set in Baghdad. The first of three Arabian Afternoons - contemporary plays inspired by tales from The Arabian Nights.

Junior diplomat Bob Goldacre is in trouble: the American businessman he was looking after has vanished from a Baghdad street. As the suspects pile up, Goldacre is going to have his work cut out if he wants to save his career and make sure that justice is done.

Directed by Abigail le Fleming.

By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Diplomat Bob Goldacre loses the businessman he was looking after

AD02The Porter And The Three Ladies20100330 (BBC7)
20150812 (BBC7)

The Porter and the Three Ladies

by Rachel Joyce

A wild, dark modern fairytale, set in Damascus. The second in a series of contemporary plays inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights.

It is time for Shahrazad to tell another tale to save her life. In this story within a story, we find out that if Joe doesn't find the exclusive to satisfy his ruthless editor, he will lose his job. He finds three beautiful women in Damascus but what is the truth behind their secret life?

Directed by Tracey Neale.

By Rachel Joyce. If Joe doesn't find an exclusive to please his editor, he'll lose his job

AD03A Dish Of Pomegranates20100331 (BBC7)
20150813 (BBC7)

By Peter Jukes. Ajib is stopped by security officers as he tries to fly home from Israel.

A Dish of Pomegranates

by Peter Jukes

The third in a series of plays inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights.

Shared roots and scattered families in the melting pot of modern Jerusalem. Tired after a stressful trip, Ajib is stopped by security officers as he tries to fly out of Ben Gurion airport on his way home to the U.S. They don't think his story adds up. Can he make them believe him? And does he actually know the whole story himself?

Directed by Mary Peate.